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3D LAYER CUTTING MACHINE - X-Ray Inspection System


Non-destructive testing instruments use X-rays to penetrate materials. Includes both fluoroscopy and CT instruments, capable of generating tomographic images and performing 3-D observations. The images were obtained from minute high-resolution focused X-ray magnification. These instruments are essentially microscopes, allowing us to look inside materials without destroying them.

Shimadzu launched the first X-ray generator for industrial use in 1933 and now has more than half a century of experience in this field. Our current lineup reflects this wealth of experience, and our tools are helping to improve quality and ensure safety around the world.

A key feature of these products is the excellent sharpness of the images they produce. This is the result of Shimadzu's expertise in creating all three key components: the X-ray generator, X-ray detector and image processing technology. A key feature of these tools is their user-friendly design. All of our new instruments can perform external visual positioning, allowing the operator to focus on the inspection screen. Furthermore, by eliminating the need for various types of calibration and automating as many tasks as possible, these devices have been designed so that anyone can easily produce clear images.


             Pic: Semiki instructs customers to use shimadzu machine SMX-1000PLUS



             Software interface of SMX-1000PLUS to test PCB board



Micro-focus X-Ray Inspection System

Truly Efficient Processing at Your Fingertips


High efficiency is often required for quality control applications. The SMX-800 is a system specially developed to meet such needs, including a touch screen display, a joystick, an intuitive user interface, and a newly designed high-speed stage, which reduces the time required for launching the software before inspections. It allows anyone to simply and rapidly detect minor defects in the circuit boards and electronics.

Real-Time Detection, Visualized Operation

Operations such as positioning, zoom-in and zoom-out can be performed directly by touching the large touch screen, enabling anyone to operate the system immediately and improve efficiency.


Drag the fluoroscopic image display area from left to right to cover the display area.


Drag the image from right to left to zoom out by a certain factor.

Center Positioning

The position of touched on the fluoroscopic image display moves to the center of the display area.

Zoom-In of Exterior Image

Drag the exterior image display area from left to right to zoom in.

Solution System Packages: 

Metal Artifact Reduction Software

The Metal Artifact Reduction Software is a reconstruction software program used to reduce metal artifacts in the cross-sectional images acquired using Shimadzu's micro-focus x-ray computed tomography system, inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR. This software allows for easier and more accurate analyzes in the cross-sectional images.





Electronics/Electron Components Industries

Digital home electronics, cell phones, cell phone terminals and other high-tech products make our contemporary life increasingly convenient. The electronic components that support these technologies include ever-increasing functionality and part-mounting densities, and have a minute, complex, multi-layer structure. For components such as these, a simple external inspection is not sufficient. Instead, non-destructive checking of internal connections using X-rays, as well as inspections for broken wires, short circuits and other defects are increasingly important. Furthermore, analyzing these defects non-destructively and then identifying their causes makes it possible to improve both product quality and reliability.

Automotive Industry

Facing ever stronger calls to ensure automobile safety and to maintain part strength and performance, the automotive industry is making extensive use of X-ray inspections to ensure metal parts contain no air pockets or cracks. Recently, electronic control units in automobiles have increased with the introduction of hybrid engines designed to reduce fuel consumption. Electronic component usage has also increased to improve in-vehicle convenience and safety. These components all undergo internal connection checks and inspections for broken wires, short circuits and other defects, enabling improvement of quality control and reliability.

Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical/New Materials Industries

In the life sciences, our microfocus CT (Micro-CT) technology has been utilized in a number of research fields, including osteoporosis, dental treatments, regenerative medicine, and implant treatments. One example is its use for small-animal bone mass inspection, due to the insufficient resolution provided by standard medical X-rays and CT scans.




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