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MEMS Microphone Testing System solution


Using PXI to Build a High-Performance MEMS Microphone Testing System


                     MEMS Microphone Production Line Testing Solution


MEMS Microphone Production Line Testing Performance
Specifications and Challenges :

When sound quality is an important determination of consumer electronics market position, manufacturers must not
only enhance product functionality through advanced technology and system design, but further guarantee product
quality through comprehensive performance testing.


Solution : Balancing Testing Specifications and Output during Audio Testing for MEMS Microphones

MEMS Microphone Production Line Testing Solution




One option for MEMS microphone testing is to use a professional audio analyzer providing a complete range of testing functions.

Such a solution, however, imposes considerable costs to operations in which multiple production lines are employed to support mass production.

An alternative, commonly-used approach is deployment of a standard sound card and PC, utilized together as a testing system. Maximum acoustic pressure, frequency response, and THD can all be measured, but test quality is limited by the class of the sound card. A MEMS microphone produced by STMicroelectronics, for example, uses THD -94 dB, SNR 61 dB (A-weighted at 1 kHz, 12 Pa) as testing specifications, according to which THD of the testing equipment must be very low with SNR that of the DUT in order to carry out effective performance testing.  Such specifications are, however, beyond the capabilities of most standard sound cards.



ADLINK’s high resolution dynamic range signal acquisition module series delivers a much more efficient solution for the various challenges to production line testing of MEMS microphones.

 The ADLINK PXIe-9529 is a 24-bit high precision signal acquisition module with a dynamic range of up to 110dB and 8 input channels. each of the 8 channels utilizes its own independent analogto-digital converter (ADC) and an internal clock makes light work of multichannel synchronous sampling. 

The result is a dramatically increased total channel count for each PXI unit. MEMS microphone testing requires a sound source and signal frequency sweeping, control of must also be synchronized.

The PXI-9527 offers 24-bit high dynamic range signal output with a synchronous rate of up to 216 kS/s, and THD and SNR
specifications meet or exceed output requirements for audio device testing, allowing it to serve as an effective test signal
source. The PXI-9527 also offers synchronous sampling up to 432 kS/s and AC/DC coupling for more sensitive measurements.
An integrated anti-aliasing filter and 4 mA bias current support compatibility with integrated electronic piezo-electric (IEPE)
microphone sensors. High resolution and high dynamic range signal sources also easily fulfill testing requirements for audio and
acoustic frequency sweeping measurement.

The PXI-9527 seamlessly cooperates with the PXIe-9529, with no requirement for separate signal source integration. As well, system self-testing is easily implemented to simplify production line troubleshooting.
ADLINK’s high-performance data acquisition modules support  LabVIEW development toolkits, allowing rapid development of dedicated in-house testing systems, further reducing testing cycles and improving efficiency, speeding time to market to fully advantage market opportunities.

Finally, ADLINK also recently also unveiled Audio Analyzer, a data acquisition and analysis utility providing complete
management of audio testing for smart phones and components.

When co-deployed with the PXI-9527 and PXIe-9529 data acquisition modules, measurement and analysis of THD, SNR and other parameter is trouble-free, precise, and powerful.

Audio Analyzer serves not only be as a tool for rapid and accurate verification of device performance, built-in serial testing function empowers development of dedicated automated production testing systems with no need to repurpose new testing software for C/C++ or LabVIEW. This translates into shorter system development cycles, improved testing efficiency, and lower costs. The Audio Analyzer is provided free when purchasing the ADLINK PXI DSA module.







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