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SATO SK-8700II ( Cat No. 8261-00) A best-selling handy infrared thermometer with a wide measuring range of −20 to 315°C for a contactless hygienic measurement. A laser marker equipped.




Infrared Thermometer




 A best-selling handy infrared thermometer with a wide measuring range of −20 to 315°C for a contactless hygienic measurement.
A laser marker equipped.




■ Enables clean contactless measurement which is ideal for food industries where hygienic measurement is required

■ One of the best advantages of a contactless infrared thermometer is its quick response. With SK-8700II you can easily and instantly measure surface temperature in one hand.

■ Applicable for a wide range of temperature from −20 to 315°C. Using a single-point laser marker helps you identify the target at a glance


■ Certified for PSC, a standard based on Japan’s Consumer Product Safety Act, as a class II portable laser device

■ Turns off the power automatically if the keys are not pressed for 5 seconds, to prevent from running out the battery even when you forget to turn it off.

■ Automatic hold function keeps the measured value on the LCD for 5 seconds.

■ Equipped with a lens cap to protect the sensing section from dust or foreign matter. It also protects users from looking at laser activated accidentally when not used.

■ Traceable calibration available


Video:  Sato SK-8700II Infrared Thermometer −20 to 315°C  | review








Pic.: SATO Infrared Thermometer SK-8700II (−20 to 315°C ) at Semiki's warehouse


♦ A distance-to-spot ratio, which is the ratio of the Distance between the object and the thermometer to the size of the Spot, is preset at D:S = 8:1 for SK-8700II. For example, if the distance is 320 mm, a spot circle of diameter 40 mm can be measured. Make sure that the object is larger than the circle.


* The spot circle is defined as an area to receive 90% of the emitted energy from the object.


■ Warning: Do not look into the laser marker source or point it on eyes as it may damage eyes.


• SK-8700II conforms to the Class II in the Standard for Safe Use of Laser Products (JIS C6802) which is defined as follows: A visible light (wavelength between 400 and 700 nm) with an output level less than 1 mW that a human’s protective response can resist.


PSC mark is labeled on the device to prove its quality based on Japan’s Consumer Product Safety Act.


Maintenance and calibration : 


 We also have calibration certificate included

► Please re-calibrate after use for a certain period through our purchase store. Local Vietnam : SEMIKI CORP







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