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Electrical Signal Recorder and Analyzer - HIOKI MR8875


Hioki Memory HiCorders are high-speed waveform monitoring and recording devices that can simultaneously measure multiple physical phenomena such as voltage, current, temperature, vibration, weight, acceleration and rotation due to complete isolation between channels and from each channel to the ground. The MR8875 data acquisition (DAQ) recorder accommodates plug-and-play input modules to meet applications such as onboard vehicle analysis, current consumption testing of portable devices, and measuring the voltage waveforms of superconducting materials and contacts.


Key Features

• 1000V input and instantaneous DC or RMS waveform measurement with new Analog Unit MR8905
• Multi-channel logger capable of thermocouple temperature measurement up to 60 ch at 10 msec intervals
• Measure multiple channels simultaneously despite handheld portable design
• Max. 2 μsec high-speed simultaneous logging for all input channels
• Save directly to the SD Card in real time for uninterrupted long-term logging
• 16-bit high-resolution measurement of voltage, temperature, distortion and CAN signals
• FFT calculation, waveform calculation functions for advanced analysis
• Intuitive touch screen for optimal operability
• Tough against vibrations and extreme temperatures, with strengthened body ideal for in-vehicle testing and road tests
• 3 different power supplies




picture : Hioki MR8875 (Max. 16 – 60ch, 32MW memory) at Semiki's warehouse







Basic specifications:



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Maintenance and calibration : 


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