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Peak 2016-15X measurement magnifier


The 2016 Scale Loupe 15X provides a wide field of view (20 mm) with 15X power magnification. By observing through a magnifying glass with a suitable scale on the object to be inspected, one can very easily and quickly measure the exact length, the angle between two straight lines, the radius of curvature of a circular arc, etc



   Peak 2016 Scale Loupe 15X


– The 2016 Peak Scale Loupe is a wide field (20 mm) magnifying glass of magnifying power 15X combined with a graduated scale glass selectable from among five different kinds.

– To enable the sharp observation of the entire field of a 14mm diameter object magnified 15 times.

– The design corrects almost perfectly the curvature of field and the lateral chromatic aberration by a combination of four lenses being made of a new type of optical glass.

– All six air to glass interfaces of the magnifier are multi-coated to reduce internal reflection

– To use the magnifier, adjust the distance between the scale glass and the magnifier by rotating the ring on the latter

so that the user can observe sharply the magnified image of the scale.





 Picture: PEAK scale loupe 2016 (15X) full set at Semiki's warehouse






Magnification: 15X

Field of View: 20 mm

Effective Aperture: 13 mm

Scale Length: 14mm

Minimum Scale Division: 0.1 mm 

Size: 35 x 33 mm

Net Weight: 40 g


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