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This dual-type coating thickness tester LZ-990 “ESCAL” is a simple, compact coating thickness tester. It is possible to measure the thickness of films coated onto ferrous and nonferrous substrates. Further, it can automatically determine the type of substrate material and switch to the required measurement mode




KETT Japan


Dual-Type Coating Thickness Tester


Model: LZ-990 


This dual-type coating thickness tester LZ-990 “ESCAL” has been achieved multifunction and high accuracy despite simple operation and compact body.

Various functions LZ-990 has are useful for obtaining reliable measurement results and optimizing your tasks.




Special Futures :

• Dual type Coating Thickness Tester with automatic
LZ-990 integrates both electromagnetic and eddy current method in
one instrument, and automatically recognize the substrate materials
(Ferrous or Non-ferrous) and appropriate measurement mode.

• Application Memory Function (Calibration Curve Memory)
8 electromagnetic and 8 eddy-current type – up to16 pre-calibrated
(calibration curves) can be stored in memory so no calibration is required for using the same type of item from the second
use. This memory will not be erased even if the power is switched off.
It reduces the time and effort to create each time a calibration curve.

・Data output
Measured or measuring data can be output to optional printer or
personal computer via an optional communication cable. The data
memory function eliminate transcription errors.

・Large backlit LCD
The measured value is easy to read even in the dark by the large display and the backlight. It is useful to reduce the reading errors.

• Other Functions
Automatic ON/OFF switch function. 15 different adjustable settings
including upper and lower limits and statistical calculations






picture: Kett Dual Type Coating Thickness Tester LZ-990 at Semiki's warehouse





Video: Measuring coating thickness | KETT LZ-990 | Dual-Type Coating Thickness Tester (Vietnamese)



Maintenance and calibration : 


 We also have calibration certificate attached ( optional )

► Please re-calibrate after use for a certain period through our purchase store. Local Vietnam : SEMIKI CORP







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