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Can measure a variety of colors, compact design, can measure 3 types that directly affect light - tint - shade - related to humidity and illumination.
Multiple measurements can be made, the main unit and the light receiving location through LAN connection to popularize market consumption. And can connect to up to 30 points at the same time.

Research field of vehicle projection/lights.
Measure LED lighting types, hue-humidity-lx-lux illumination.
CRT management/liquid crystal color display.
Check the color change of the illumination range meter box.
Fluorescent lamp research field, quality control.
Architectural research field, low lighting.
Measurement of projection, CRT, LCD screen equipment... and illumination, hue, tint, humidity, in psychology research rooms

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Model: Cl-200A


The CL-200A chroma meter is the successor to the CL-200. It can measure the color temperature, illuminance, chromaticity, excitation purity, and dominant wavelength of various light sources. The CL-200A meter exclusively does this under LED, Organic LED (OLED), and other forms of Organic Electroluminescence (EL).

When determining the accuracy of an LEDs illumination, color temperature measurements are particularly important. This instrument utilizes sensors that closely parallel the color-matching functions specified by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE). Depending on the application for which the CL-200A is being used, results can be displayed through different color notations.

The CL-200A was designed to be a highly effective tool for measuring the color temperature of white LEDs, a task that has been very difficult in the past. The CL-200A is able to do this due to its ability to measure the chromaticity from the phosphor and also inspect light quality output of the final assembled white LED.

The CL-200A runs on batteries and is extremely lightweight. This tool was ergonomically designed in this way so that it can fit into the palm of your hand. The low battery indicator alerts you as to when you need to either change or recharge your batteries. Also, the included CL-S10w data management software allows users to transfer data to Excel with ease. Contrary, the instrument can be linked directly to a PC and controlled using a computer. In order to quantify color variations, Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) calculation ranking functions are included with the software.

If you need to install the instrument in an inspection system, or use it in not-so-easily accessible darkrooms, the receptor head can be detach from the main body. It is then possible to collect data by connecting the receptor head to the body by utilizing a LAN cable. Up to 30 receptor heads can work to collect multi-point measurements. A user-friendly calibration function makes it easy to compare measured and sample measurements.

Some particularly suitable for the CL-200A include but are not limited to, evaluating light distribution of LED illumination modules or fixture applications, lighting production and adjustment, LED billboard development and maintenance, color-viewing cabinet maintenance, measuring projector light sources, and utilizing the instrument as a photographic color meter.



  • Eligible ISO 17025 Certification
  • Portable, lightweight, compact and handheld
  • Detachable receptor head
  • Simultaneous measurements
  • Ideal for white LEDs
  • Can be used to measure any light source
  • LED ranking function
  • Calibration function
  • Easy data transfer
  • Optional PC controllability




Picture: Konica-Minolta Chroma meter CL-200A at Semiki's Warehouse



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