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BỘ GHI DỮ LIỆU 20 Kênh đa chức năng GRAPHTEC GL840

Nhà sản xuất:

Thiết bị ghi Graphtec cho Điện áp, Nhiệt độ, Độ ẩm, Logic và Xung với Đầu vào Đa chức năng – Có thể mở rộng lên đến 200 Kênh Đầu vào.




20 Channel ( upto 200 Channel) 
Midi Data Logger

Model: GL840-M E 


Graphtec Recording Device for Voltage, Temp, Humidity, Logic and Pulse w/ Multifunction Input – Expandable up to 200 Input Channels



Features :

• 20 Isolated Input Channels for High Speed Voltage, Temperature, Humidity, Logic/Pulse Recordings

•  10ms Sampling Rate When Limiting the Number of Channels in Use

•  Isolated Input System Ensures Signals are Not Corrupted by Other Channels

• Supports 20mV to 50 Volts, Thermocouple Type: R, S, B, K, E, T, J, N and W and 4 Pulse or Logic Channels with Optional Cable (B-513)

• PC Connection through USB or LAN Ethernet Ports

•  7.0″ TFT Colour LCD Display Shows Data in Waveform or Digital Format and Manage Logger Settings

• Ring Memory Function Allows for the Most Recent Data to be Saved to Internal Memory or External Device

• New! Transfer Data to Internal Storage (4GB) or External Storage (SD Memory Card up to 32GB)

• WLAN Compatible Using GL100-WL and Optional Wireless LAN Unit (B-568)





Input system 1 : Multifunction analog input ports

Contains a highly isolated input system which ensures that signals are not corrupted by noise from other channels.

The GL840’s inputs are suitable for combined measurements from voltage, temperature, humidity, logic, and pulse signals.

The standard configuration has 20 analog input channels.

It is expandable to 200 channels by adding optional 20 channels extension terminal base unit (B-566) and input terminal units (B-564 or B-565).






pic.: MIDI DATA LOGGER GL840-M E ( 20channel )at Semiki’s warehouse


The following shows how a standard configuration is expanded to more than 40 channels ( Max.200 channels)

Offers longer cable for the input terminals

Input terminal blocks can be connected directly (in daisy chain), or using the B-567 cable(s).

This allows the input terminals to be placed in separate locations according to the need of the application.

The input terminal unit and the GL840 main body can be extended by using an extended connections cable.

* If the signal is affected by noise, it may be required to use a slower sampling.

Video: Graphtec data logger GL840 |Product Introductions


Support digital sensors

Digital sensors and input terminal/adapters for the GL100 connects to the GL840 directly


Input system 3 : 4 channels of Logic/Pulse inputs

Supports 4-channels logic or pulse signal inputs. Pulse mode allows cumulative, instant, or rotational values for industrial measurement capability with speed and flow.



video: GRAPHTEC GL840 data logger |  intro ( Vietnamese )




Maintenance and calibration : 


 We also have calibration certificate attached ( optional )

► Please re-calibrate after use for a certain period through our purchase store. Local Vietnam : SEMIKI CORP







Semiki instrumentation Co., Ltd

Email:  sales@semiki.com

Office tel: +84 28 2253 3522






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