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Cân kỹ thuật 0.01g AND – EK/EW series

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Choose the best for your weighing applications from a wider selection. High resolution up to 1/60,000! (EK-610i, EK-6100i).A wider selection of capacities & resolutions, and remote-zeroing has been included in a
low-profile rugged housing. For years the EK/EW series balances have been top selling
products. Now the new EK-i Compact Balances have been designed to continue this
tradition with enhanced capacities and resolutions, and EW-i series comes with attractive
triple ranges of weighing. All feature RS-232C as standard and are designed to meet
weights and measures regulations of various countries (e.g. NTEP, EC).



AND Compact Balances


EK-i Series 

EW Series

Handy and Affordable Balances that Fit Your Purpose in Anywhere!






► Choose the best for your weighing applications from a wider selection.
► High resolution up to 1/60,000!



 • Hygienic and chemically resistant stainless steel (SUS304) weighing pan

 • Adjustable response characteristics to help cope with the effect of drafts and vibrations

 • Multiple weighing units: g, oz, lb, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, grain (either tael, tola or Newton can be added upon request)

 • Security ring to prevent theft

•  RS-232C interface as standard

•  Counting mode with the Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) function

•  Percent mode function

•  Comparator function with buzzer

•  Auto power off function

•  Overload protection

•  Security ring to prevent theft

•  Underhook function (EK-4100i/6000i/6100i/12Ki)



Picuture: AND EK-300i ( 300g/ 0.01 g/Ø110 mm) at Semiki’s warehouse





Maintenance and calibration : 


 We also have calibration certificate attached ( optional )

► Please re-calibrate after use for a certain period through our purchase store. Local Vietnam : SEMIKI CORP







Semiki instrumentation Co., Ltd

Email:  sales@semiki.com

Office tel: +84 28 2253 3522




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