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Chân đế đo độ cứng cao su teclock GS-612, GS-615

Nhà sản xuất:

The Teclock GS-612 Durometer test stand is designed to remove the inconsistencies of rubber and plastic hardness testing that can occur when using a manual method, especially if multiple users are involved.
This stand is lever operated stand adopting a sqaure-threaded shaft for fine adjustment of height and prevention of dropping the Durometer quickly.
Calibration certificate can be issued (Operation speed certificate can not be issued.)




Teclock Japan  Measuring Stand for Durometer


Model : GS-612, GS-615 







picture: Manual Operation type Durometer Stand GS-615 at Semiki’s warehouse


In case of measuring with durometer by pushing by hand, measuring values vary in some degree due to individual difference.

Therefore, Measuring stand is materialized as measuring method for high reproducibility, which is prescribed in JIS and ISO



Manual Operation type Durometer Stand with Speed Controller :





video:  TECLOCK Stand GS-615 Type A with weight ZY-128 Type D | intro ( Vietnamese )





Picture: Manual Operation type Durometer Stand with Speed Controlle GS-612 at Semiki’s warehouse



Pic.: TECLOCK ZY-128 weight at Semiki’s warehouse



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