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giải pháp đo độ rung, tiếng ồn đồng cơ

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Simple Connection, Configuration, and Operation in all-in-one MCM Edge Platform. Fast, Simple Whole-System Setup with No Downtime
‧ Integrated function in compact construction provides full operability in harsh operating environments
‧ Built-in IEPE 2mA excitation current source on each channel requires no additional signal conditioning
‧ Included accelerometer attaches magnetically, allowing easy relocation to any test point, avoiding costs and effort of non-adjustable tapping meters


Intelligent Machine Condition Monitoring Solution

The Smart Way to Guard Your Assets



A machine condition monitoring edge platform ideally suited for data acquisition and vibration measurement applications.

Delivering 24-hour vibration monitoring for rotating machinery and equipment.

Seamless interconnection
Automatic event alarm notices




Complete One-Operation Data Acquisition, Analysis, and Upload

‧           4CH 24-bit 128kS/s simultaneous sampling meets require- ments of machine vibration measurement

  • ‧  Intel Atom® x7-E3950 processor delivers edge-based data acquisition, domain algorithm, data analytics capability,

  • ‧  converting machine status, usage trends, alarms, and more for distribution

      ‧ LAN port and optional wireless Wi-Fi module support allows easy data connectivity








  • Easy to implement third party web dashboard enables remote acquisition of machine status
  • Automatic recording of machine information to enable long-term machine health monitoring
  • Enable value-added service for Machine builders






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