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máy đo độ dày lớp phủ SANKO SWT-9000, SWT-9100

Nhà sản xuất:

● Probe can be selected to meet optimal application of measurements.
● Guide-messages of operation procedures on LCD screen.
● A large capacity of measurement memory 10,000 points
● Measurements by simply calling registered calibrations.
● Built-in setting method of high/low limit values and statistical functions
● Availability of data transfer to PC by USB connections.




SANKO Electronic 

Coating Thickness Gauge


SWT-9000 ( output data: NO)

SWT-9100 ( Data Tranfer: YES)


Dual type film thickness gauge
Probe compatible. Simple key measurement
* Probe sold separately.


• Connection probes can be selected according to the measurement application.

• Outstanding grip feeling with a slim body.

• The operation procedure is displayed as a guide on the LCD screen.

• Easy and safe operation with 4 keys.

• Data can be transferred to a PC via USB connection (9100)



In addition to the JIS K 5600 standard, it also complies with the standards, internal regulations and standards of government offices, testing facilities, research laboratories, various corporations and organizations, as well as overseas standards such as ISO 2808.


Specification ( SWT-9000/ SWT-9100)



The SWT-9000/ SWT-9100 has probe compatibility, so you can freely select the connection probe that matches your application and measurement object. In addition, it is now possible to prepare spare probes, which was not possible until now, and work efficiency can be greatly improved.



Pic.: SANKO SWT-9000 with probe Fe-2.5 ( Ferrous Metals / 0 ~ 2.50mm) at Semiki’s warehouse 


Pic.: SANKO DENSHI probe Nfe-2.0 ( 0-2.00mm/ Eddy current Al,Cu, SUS.. ) at Semiki’s warehouse




Pic.: SANKO DENSHI probe Fe-2.5 ( 0-2.50mm/ Electro-magneteic Fe… ) at Semiki’s warehouse


Maintenance and calibration : 


 We also have calibration certificate attached ( optional )

► Please re-calibrate after use for a certain period through our purchase store. Local Vietnam : SEMIKI CORP







Semiki instrumentation Co., Ltd

Email:  sales@semiki.com

Office tel: +84 28 2253 3522




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