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The IMADA ZT-LM Digital Force Gauge with Remote Button Sensor is ideal for measuring in confined or difficult to reach locations. The ZTS-LM and ZTA-LM gauges offer the same features as the ZTS/ZTA series. All standard LM sensors come with a six foot cable compression only. Coin shaped is a standard load cell dedicated to compression, with capacity of 20kN. Compressive force is applied to the protruding part of the tip to measure.



IMADA Force gauge


model :

ZTS/ZTA force gauge

with Load Cell LM/LC-DD2-LMT series


– Strain gauge type load cell.

– A coin-sized small load cell.

– For compression test only.

– Amplifier is necessary to read load values and output them to external equipment.


Description : 


 – Load cells exclusively for compression.
– Ideal for a narrow space due to their slim shapes.
– Designed to mount or bond it on pressing machine and the like.


Video: How to measure compression IMADA ZTA/ZTS-LM serries ( Vietnamese)




picture: imada force gauge ZTS-LM-50N at Semiki’s warehouse




Compression measurements for a pressing machine and a robot arm ( Customized )




picture: imada force gauge ZTS-LM-50N with flexible  Arm  At Semiki’s warehouse


• This product is designed for force measurement only. Do not use it for other purpose.

Please pay close attention to install this products.
Never apply strong force or impact especially on the sensing direction.
Do not apply bending or torsion stress when setting up the sensing shaft to a measuring object.
Do not use in the condition of rapid temperature changes, high temperature, high humidity, near water and dusty place.
The contents may be changed without notice in advance.
Please note the allowable values are a little different by the selecting unit of the amplifier. Please
contact SEMIKI 
if you need the details


Semiki Instrumentation Corp is authorized to promote, sell, store and distribute with the direct support and technical assistance of

force gauge IMADA : www.imada.com.vn


Maintenance and calibration : 


 We also have calibration certificate attached ( optional )

► Please re-calibrate after use for a certain period through our purchase store. Local Vietnam : SEMIKI CORP







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