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IMADA Force-Displacement Measurement Unit FSA series can be used for tactile test, material evaluation and more.
The high speed sampling rate 2000 Hz captures accurate values and draws a detailed graph of force and displacement.
The unit includes a force gauge, a test stand with a linear scale, a cable and a graphing software.
The capacity is from 2N to 5000N.

IMADA Force-Displacement measuring System
Model : FSA series





Features :

* System to achieve real-time the forcedisplacement curves.
* 2000Hz High-speed data sampling follows rapid force change, capturing measurement values accurately.
* Maximum of 5 graphs with visible graph comparing functions.
* High repeatability with motorized test stand.
* Variety of force testing are possible with optional attachment combinations.
* Simple connections to PC with USB cable and allow quick data export to Word, Excel, PDF.




[Included Product]

* Force Gauge: High Functionality Digital Force Gauge ZTA series

* Test Stand with a linear scale (It is different on the model):
– Standard Type Vertical Motorized Test Stand MX2 series (FSA-0.5K2 series , FSA-1K2 series, FSA-2.5K2 series, FSA-5K2 series)
– High Functionality Type Vertical Motorized Test Stand  EMX-1000N (FSA-1KE series)
– Standard Type Horizontal Motorized Test Stand MH2-500N (FSA-0.5HK2 series, FSA-2.5HK2 series)
– Small Manual Test Stand MSL-50N (FSA-MSL series)

* Software: Graph Drawing Software Force Recorder Professional

* Cable: CB-718(FSA-0.5K2 series , FSA-1K2 series, FSA-2.5K2 series, FSA-5K2 series, FSA-2.5HK2 series, and FSA-0.5HK2 series)
CB-728(FSA-1KE series)






– Information in this document is subject to change without prior notice.
– This document is product descriptions and handling precautions, and do not guarantee various characteristics
or safety.
– This product is designed for force measurement purpose only.
– Do not copy and use this content without authorization.
– Some sample cannot be measured depending on their materials or shapes.
– Please do not add load over capacity of a force gauge to prevent sensor break-down.
– Displacement reading error can occur due to deflection of a sensor or test stand when load is added.
– Optional attachment and PC are Not included in this unit
– Software could not work in some operating environment



Semiki Instrumentation Corp is authorized to promote, sell, store and distribute with the direct support and technical assistance of

force gauge IMADA : www.imada.com.vn


Maintenance and calibration : 


 We also have calibration certificate attached ( optional )

► Please re-calibrate after use for a certain period through our purchase store. Local Vietnam : SEMIKI CORP







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Email:  sales@semiki.com

Office tel: +84 28 2253 3522




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